I played my first two games Bronze A. Overall, played really well. Had a ton of confidence and had a blast. The instruction from you and your coaches helped tremendously. Don’t think I could have been ready without your help. Thank you again and please pass along to your staff.

Newcastle, CA.

“No-Limit has literally taken my hockey to the next level. Not two weeks after completing the course, I stepped to a higher division and in an evenly matched game stood toe-to-toe against one of the best goalies in the league in what turned into the battle of the goalies. I may have lost, but the fact that this game ended with a one goal differential is a true testament to what I acquired at No-Limit. What would have been a blow out last month, was a nail biter to the very end. I look forward to refining this gift and returning to camp next year.”

I loved that you addressed each skater where they were in they’re own skill level and helped each skater challenge themselves

Juneau, AK.

Very well put together and I learned many new things that I can start incorporating in my game.

Rocklin, CA.

For me the group drills were the best, because I don’t often have other players to practice with. All of the skating drills were great, and I will be hitting those hard this year.

Idaho Falls, ID.

The only bad thing I can say about this camp is that it’s a shame more people don’t know about it.

Placerville, CA

Thank you for helping me improve. Everyone needs good coaching and this is the way for adults to get it. This was the best!

Green Bay, WI.

Thank you Jimmy. I really enjoyed the training and learned a lot. I now look forward to incorporating these new skills into games. I also appreciated your enthusiasm and passion for the program….and hockey in general. This really made it fun.

Folsom, CA.

New tools for the “tool box” Thank you coach Jimmy.

Seattle, WA.

Thanks guys. It was nice meeting you all. Thank you for the help. I really enjoyed the off ice presentations and instruction. You are all so knowledgeable. I know that my team will see the difference.

Las Vegas, NV.

Had a great time. I will recommend this to all of my teammates. I would like to bring a few of them back next so we can be all on the same page. Thanks again.

Reno, NV.

Thank you No Limit Coaches. I had a blast. I came in with some pretty high expectations, and they were met and exceeded. I look forward to putting the new tools to use in my league games. I will be back.

Berkeley, CA.

Once again, many thanks to you and your team!! I had lots of fun and learned TONS!!! It was a pleasure spending time together. Looking forward to our paths crossing again in the future.

Incline Village, NV

If you are wavering at all about signing up……Don’t, you will learn much more in one session than a whole season of playing. Thanks again guys.

South Lake Tahoe, CA.

Jim Copel and his coaches stressed the fundamentals of skating and positioning to rookies and veterans alike while never shying away from getting down to the specifics of any part of the game. Jim cares a great deal about this wonderful game, and his enthusiasm is as contagious as his coaching is effective.

Seattle, WA.

We all enjoyed the camp very much. Each one of us learned something new and applied it at the nationals. Thank you to all of the staff, we learned a lot. Everything was well organized, you have a lot of hockey experience, and all the people were so kind.

Mexico City