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The best way to practice individual skills that will immediately improve your game. This camp breaks down each skill to its fundamentals. Our coaches are highly trained in the bio-mechanics of hockey and will transfer that knowledge to you. We start with the basic skating stride and work our way up to game strategy skills. Drills that will help you solidify each component of your game. You and your team mates will see a huge difference in your skills the first time back on the ice after completing the curriculum. This camp format is recommended for players of all levels. Beginner players use it to put tools in the hockey tool box, while advanced players use the camp to sharpen skills.

Skills that will be taught:
Forward and backward skating stride
Transitions and footwork
Tight turns
Passing and receiving
Stopping and quick starts
Puck protection
Screening and framing the goalie
Puck redirection

Note to goalies. The skills that you practice will be determined from the information given to us from your registration. Drills will be designed from your input and tailored to your needs.

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We all enjoyed the camp very much. Each one of us learned something new and applied it at the nationals. Thank you to all of the staff, we learned a lot. Everything was well organized, you have a lot of hockey experience, and all the people were so kind.

Mexico City

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