Game Strategy Camp


Game strategy camps give players the opportunity to practice team skills to sharpen their overall game sense. After completing this camp you will be the smartest player on your team. Many problems in games are caused from players being completely on different pages. The best teams have players that can read a situation and quickly react in a supportive way. Perhaps creating good scoring chances, transitioning from offense to defense quickly, supporting the puck carrier or creating time and space with the puck. While these camps are primarily for game strategies and theory, we do advanced footwork and multi-tasking drills as well. If you are learning how to skate or have not yet played in a game, this camp style camp might not be for you right now. Check out our Skills Camps.

Note to goalies. The skills that you practice will be determined from the information given to us from your registration. Drills will be designed from your input and tailored to your needs.

Skills practiced in the Game Strategy Camp
Advanced footwork and edges
Defensive zone positioning
Break outs
Offensive zone entry options
Quick transitions
Puck protection
Screening and framing the goalie
Goaltending skills

Camp will include:
• 10 hours of on ice training
• 3-4 off ice seminars
• Professional coaches that will give you instant feedback during training
• Advanced individual skill drills to push the limits of each player’s ability
• Pro level team drills to help you recognize situations in games and react
• Expert video analysis to identify team strengths and weaknesses
• Team jersey and socks (personalized with your name and favorite number)
• Locker room refreshments following every session
• Discounted price on accommodations at participating hotels
• Camp photos

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We all enjoyed the camp very much. Each one of us learned something new and applied it at the nationals. Thank you to all of the staff, we learned a lot. Everything was well organized, you have a lot of hockey experience, and all the people were so kind.

Mexico City

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